Have a question related to traveling to Turkey?

Here are the answers to a handful of frequently asked questions:

01. What’s the current status of CV-19 in Turkey?

Because it’s always changing, head over to the World Health Organization’s frequently updated page on Turkey’s COVID-19 status – and then come back to keep reading!

02. I’m a U.S. citizen. What documents do I need to visit Turkey as a tourist?

You’ll need a valid passport and visa. Here’s more information:

• Your passport has to be valid for at least 6 months beyond when you enter Turkey

• Your passport also needs at least one empty page for the entry and exit stamps you’ll receive at border control in the airport

• For tourism travel up to 90 days within a 180 day period, you’ll need to get a visa prior to arrival (pro tip: the easiest and fastest way is through the government’s e-Visa application system)

– If you totally forget to get this visa ahead of time (life happens!), you’ll need to get the visa at the airport when you arrive. But you’ll have to stand in a line and pay with cash, so I’d recommend just getting the visa beforehand online.

• Visiting Turkey on a cruise ship? U.S. citizens can enter visa-free for a maximum of 72 hours with permission from authorities at the port of entry.

• Good to know: If you’re planning to work, study, or do academic or scientific research in Turkey, you’ll need a different visa than the one mentioned above. If that’s the case, visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website for more information.

03. How do I say important words and phrases in Turkish?

Please = Lütfen (loot-fen)

Excuse me! Where can I find a taxi? = Affedersiniz! Nerede taksi bulabilirim?

Can I have a cup of water please? = Bir bardak su alabilir miyim lütfen?

Can I use your phone for a minute please? = Bir dakika telefonunuzu kullanabilir miyim lütfen?

Excuse me! How do I go to…? = Affedersiniz! [name of the place you want to go to]ya nasil giderim? (example: Topkapi’ya nasil giderim?)

Yes = Evet (eh-vet)

No = Hayir (hah-year)

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