What Does Turkish Delight Taste Like? (Flavors & Texture)

Written By Seren N.

Seren, a Turkish-American, has 23 years of experience traveling to and around Turkey and is now happy to help others learn more about Turkey.

Turkish Delight has been bringing people joy since about 1777. Today, it’s loved all around the world by kids, the elderly, and everyone in between. I’ve loved it ever since I can remember! Thinking about trying out Turkish Delight for yourself? Well, strap in because you’re in for an awesome surprise!

What Turkish Delight tastes like (if it’s good quality)

Taste-wise, Turkish Delight comes in many delicious flavors like orange and rose. A fun part of Turkish Delight is you can mix and match to experience a bunch of different flavors if you want to.

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Turkish Delight is a burst of sweetness, especially the powdered sugar-covered ones. You can easily expect your taste buds to pop in response to the sweetness – so much flavor is packed into one bite!

Plain Turkish Delight exists too, but it’s not really flavorful. Sweet, but not flavorful.

What are the most popular flavors of Turkish Delight?

There are many flavors of Turkish Delight, but the MOST popular are definitely rose and pistachio. These are typically covered in powdered sugar so they’re like cute little cubes of joy.

Other popular flavors of Turkish Delight are pomegranate, lemon, almond, dates, coconut, orange, mint, and ginger. And aside from powdered sugar, Turkish Delight can also be found covered in chocolate – YUM.

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My personal favorite flavor: powdered sugar-covered pistachio. 10/10!

Does Turkish Delight taste like soap?

No, Turkish Delight doesn’t taste like soap at all. If it does make you feel like you’re eating soap, that’s a big red flag. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Turkish Delight suppliers that cut corners and don’t care about quality. I’m sorry to say, but you might’ve purchased yours from one of these suppliers.

Turkish Delight is supposed to taste sweet and full of whatever flavor you purchased. If you’re having lemon Turkish Delight, for example, it should definitely have a solid lemon flavor.

Is Turkish Delight like mochi?

Kind of! Turkish Delight is similarly chewy and sticky, but it doesn’t have anything inside of it like mochi does. The flavor found in Turkish Delight is infused during the cooking process, so there’s no ‘discovering’ the flavor like you do when eating mochi.

Is Turkish Delight chocolate?

No, Turkish Delight isn’t like chocolate at all. The only time Turkish Delight and chocolate usually mix is with chocolate-covered Turkish Delight. That’s when they dip the cubes into melted chocolate, it hardens, and then you get little cubes of chocolate-covered goodness.

What’s the texture of Turkish Delight?

Texture-wise, Turkish Delight most closely resembles a gummy bear or a Starburst. And the flavor actually lasts longer than a gummy bear because it’s as chewy as Starbursts.

If you enjoy Mochi, soft candy, and different flavors of sweetness, consider trying out Turkish Delight and if you’re visiting Turkey in-person soon, be sure to visit Divan or Haci Bekir for the BEST Turkish Delight in Istanbul! Seriously, it’s the best.